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Talang 2007 was the first season of the show Talang, the Swedish version of Got Talent.. 1 145 000, Sommarkrysset med lottodragningen. Furthermore, all of the phone numbers for each contestant were published before the show, allowing the public to vote for their favorite. Irish Dance Project, Irish stepdancers.
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Talang 2007 Genre Presented by Starring Country of origin Original language s No.
Talang 2007 had its premiere on 13 April 2007 and ended on 1 June 2007.
The winner of the show was.
This season was hosted byand the judges were:and.
At any time during a performance, each member of the jury could push on one of two buttons: a green check mark of approval or a red X for disapproval.
When a member of the jury pressed one of the buttons, a loud sound effect let the contestant know that a member of the jury had made a decision and what the decision was.
If a contestant received three red X's before the end of their performance, that contestant was eliminated and their performance was abruptly stopped.
To continue to thea contestant needed to gain at least two green check marks from the jury.
If more than 6 contestants were given 2 or more green check marks in a results tonights irish lotto program, the jury would decide at the end of the program which 6 contestants would continue to the semi-finals.
Those who continued to the semi-finals were not necessarily the ones that had received three check marks.
Sometimes, the jury chose contestants with only two check marks over contestants that had been given three check marks.
During the three semi-finals episodes 5-7two finalists were chosen from each program, one by the jury and another by public vote.
The public voted for a contestant by phoning a specific telephone number, which was published before the show aired and shown during and after each performance.
Public voting started when the program aired on Friday and ended at midnight Sunday.
Unlike the American TV series, where the public voted for free by calling a toll free number, the Swedish audience paid 5.
After the second semi-final aired, TV4 surprised the contestants by announcing that two wild card finalists would be chosen from the eliminated semi-finalists.
One wild card finalist was chosen by the jury whilst the other was chosen by public vote.
With only two days to prepare for the final competition, the wild card finalists had little chance of winning.
Despite that, the jury still voted and commented on each performance.
Voting started when the program started at 8 pm and concluded at some undisclosed time during the 1.
The voting procedure potentially gave an unfair advantage to contestants who performed early in the show.
Indeed, the winner of Talang 2007 performed first.
Furthermore, all of the phone numbers for each contestant were published before the show, allowing the public to vote for their favorite contestant before they had given their final performance.
Performance cut from the TV show, only viewable online via TV4's Webb-TV.
Jury vote: green check of approval.
Jury vote: red X of disapproval.
Jury vote: unknown, performance finished and clipped before jury member voted.
Finalist by jury vote.
Finalist by public vote.
Robotman: Patrik Sjöström Robot show: Performed as a robot to slow and fast music.
Maria Lundgren: 19 years old, from : Twirled more and more hula hoops while dancing to "" by.
Artan Kajtazi: 19 years old, from Dancer: Danced to a medley of "" by featuring and "" by.
Fantastic Four: Robert Haglund 35 years oldJonas Fritzson 31 years oldNiklas Lamby 27 years oldHenrik Orwander 28 years old group: Performed a medley of "" by 1956 and "" by 1969.
Swebounce: Mattias Lindström 27 years oldMikael Lindström 24 years oldAnthon Hansson 18 years old : Performed while dressed as robots, jumped over a car.
Baby Bang: Marcus Nyström, 12 years old, from Popping: Danced to a medley of songs that included "Moments in Love" by.
Landslide: Malin Wahlqvist Nilsson, Erika Elmqvist, Emma Näsberg, Linnea Kibe, Johanna Nygren, Ida Carlén, from Female : Performed "If I Fall You're Going Down With Me" by.
Linda Johansson: from Aerial : Showcased her strength and flexibility in a black performance.
Hilda Stenmalm: 11 years old, from Singer: Sang "" by.
Mahyar Samadi, 19 year tonights irish lotto results, from : Used a radio prop to change styles.
Simon Trollkarlen: Simon Almers, 12 years old : Made a dove appear and float, switched places with his assistant Cajsa Wenström, reappeared beside the jury.
Performed to the tune of "" by.
Mimmi Sandén: 12 years old, from Singing: Sang "" by.
Eric Lindeen tricks: Taught Karlsson some yo-yo tricks before finishing solo.
Johan Ståhl: 27 years old, from Magician: Johan's chicken Kjell found the card that Hedlund picked.
Male: Robert Skowronski 27 years oldCarl, Markus, Stefan Male singers: dance and sang a medley of tunes "" by"" byand "" by.
Melissa Jacobsson-Velandia: 16 years old, from in : began with playing a song by before switching to a classical piece.
Julien Dauphin Magician: Chained and locked himself inside of a burning chest and magically became one of his assistants.
Baby Bang Popping: Switched dance styles as a friend flipped channels with a remote control.
Lindy Hop: Began with a blues number before switching to a faster swing dance with many acrobatic moves.
Singer: Sang a medley of "" by and "" by.
Slowmotion Phax Slow motion: Started hip hopping at normal speed before performing a slow tonights irish lotto results sequence to the tune of "" by.
Skånske Oliver y benji games online Singer: Sang "Alldeles lagom" by.
Diamond Dogs Drag show: Lip synced a parody of Talang 2007 and its jury members to the tune of "Värsta schlagern" The Worstwhich is itself a parody of the.
Totte is Zillah's three-year-old stuffed animal.
The duo talk, sing, and perform magic tricks together for their comical performances.
In the middle of the song, Zillah fell backwards over the letters and Totte blamed her for destroying their chance to win.
The strategy worked as they not only won the jury's votes but also votes of the public.
In contrast, Hedlund was often the last jury member to vote.
On a couple of occasions, Blom pushed Hedlund's red X button, ending an act before she was ready to do so.
She did not challenge the decision made by Blom but did allow at least one act, the Coffee Beans choir, to complete their performance despite being eliminated early.
Hedlund preferred singers and theatrical performances, as well as strange and bizarre acts.
Karlsson was most interested in acts that were commercially viable, such as pop singers and bands.
His favorite comment was, "Rent kommersiellt vet jag inte om det är speciellt gångbart" From a purely commercial standpoint, I don't know if it is viable.
Thus, he typically did not vote for dancers or circus acts.
Blom, being a magician, was more critical than the other jury members of the magicians on the show.
For example, when Simon Trollkarlen made mistakes in his semi-final performance, Blom was the only jury member who gave Simon a red X.
The Swedish public tended to vote for younger contestants.
For example, of the four finalists decided by public vote — Baby Bang, Skånske Elias, Mimmi Sandén, and Slowmotion Phax — only one Slowmotion Phax was not the youngest in his group.
Baby Bang 12 year old was the youngest contestant in the first semi-finals episode 5Skånske Elias 8 years old was the youngest contestant in the second semi-finals episode 6and Mimmi Sandén 12 years old was the youngest contestant in the last semi-finals episode 7.
During the semi-finals the jury intentionally chose adult contestants as tonights irish lotto results to prevent the final show from only having children as finalists.
A couple of contestants were requested by TV4 or a jury member to participate in the show.
Prior to Talang 2007, he performed one time with jury member Blom.
He was requested by TV4 to participate in Talang 2007 and first turned down the request before finally agreeing to compete.
Julien Dauphin made it to the finals and was one of the jury's favorite contestants.
The members are internationally recognized dance instructors and performers.
For Talang 2007, their talant was Lindy Hop and they primarily performed Lindy Hop routines at high tempos with many acrobatics.
For their final performance however, they started with a short segment of blues dancing and were criticized by jury member Blom for social dancing on stage.
The Harlem Hot Shots participated in Talang 2007 to interest the public in the Lindy Hop dance.
The sisters have competed in several talent competitions including Stjärnskott 2006 Molly placed 1st and Stage Junior 2006 Molly placed 1st, Frida and Mimmi qualified.
They are often for each other.
For example, Molly and Frida were backing singers for Mimmi during her final performance for Talang 2007.
Also Frida and Mimmi were backing singers for Molly during her final performance for Stage Junior 2006.
The three sisters met jury member Karlsson during Stage Junior 2006.
In 2006, Skånske Casinos near north miami beach competed and won the Ung Talang 2006 talent competition and placed 2nd in Stjärnskott 2006.
Skånske Elias made it to the finals of Talang 2007 and was one of Karlsson's and the audience's favorite contestants.
Many popular Swedish artists, such asandhave recorded parodies of themselves for the team.
Diamond Dogs was surprised to be selected as a wild card finalist but managed to create a new performance, a parody of Talang 2007, for the final show.
While jury members Blom and Hedlund thought that Diamond Dogs should not win the competition and gave them red Xs, they found their performance to be very entertaining and also gave them green checks.
Karlsson had paid for a large colored advertisement in the evening newspaper to search for them, which they didn't see.
Three days before the program recording date, Karlsson called one of the band members and asked them to participate in the show.
After some discussion, they agreed to do so and spent the next few days practicing together.
They received green check marks from Karlsson during both their audition and semi-final performances.
She won several scholarships and contests for piano playing, e.
For Talang 2007, she played difficult classical music pieces that the general public was not familiar with, such as "Gnomenreigen" by episode 3.
Unfortunately this worked against her.
TV4 wanted a mix of males and females to continue from the auditions whereas Karlsson felt that quality should determine whether a contestant continued or not.
During the semi-finals, the jury intentionally only selected adult competitors to continue to the finals since they thought the public would only vote for children and the final program would become a children's show.
Debates in the TV4 Talang 2007 forum about the public's tendency to vote for child acts and whether adults and children should compete in the same show were ongoing throughout the entire season.
The host, Peppe Eng, had to rush the jury through their comments for each contestant to keep the show on schedule.
Furthermore, TV4 sabotaged the show's climax by showing the name of the winner to the TV audience before the winner was announced; when the card containing the winner's name was removed from the envelope, the winner's name faced the camera.
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